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  • "The Clio sensor is on par, if not better than, Dexis Platinum sensors. They are more crisp, clear, and can see more detail."

    - Dr. Craig Burrow, Toledo, Ohio
  • "The Clio has made our patients feel much more involved, educated, and satisfied with their experiences."

    - Dr. Gustavo Assatourians, Port Hueneme, CA

Highest Fidelity

The Clio dental X-Ray sensor touts the largest active area plates in the industry to maximize image area ratio. With precision casing and sensor engineering, the Clio minimizes cutoff space to mimic the size of traditional x-ray film. Next Generation CMOS technology fiber optic sensors create 20+ actual line pairs per mm (26.3 theoretical line pairs per mm). With our SOTA Image Software, we can gaurantee our digital dental x-ray images match up or surpass any competing system. We make this promise based on feedback from actual dentists.

Built to Last

The Clio Digital X-ray Sensor is equipped with a patented, Kevlar reinforced cable to provide maximum durability. Unlike other products, the USB cable of the Clio is fully replacable if damaged. Constructed with special shock absorbers inside the sensor housing to protect components from exterior damage, the Clio is also one of the few fully water submersible sensors, sealed with a unique rubber polymer interior housing.

The Results Speak for Themselves

The resolution of our Clio sensors is marginally higher than some of the leading brands, including Dexis. Although this does not result in markedly noticeable differences to the human eye, rest assured you are getting some of the best images at a considerably lower cost! But don’t believe us – have a look yourself.

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Plug and Play


Direct Integration without Twain

Patent-pending technology only available with the Clio Digital X-ray sensors lets you plug the Clio directly in your existing imaging software. There is nothing else like this on the market. While other sensors using 3rd party bridges restrict your imaging software tools, DI allows for complete software capabilities, including auto-acquisition. In software such as Dexis 9/10, the Clio sensor will work just like your Dexis sensor, side-by-side. Enjoy NO setting changes, additional steps, or confusing bridges.

Save Time

In comparison to our DI Technology bridging, TWAIN users needed up to six additional steps to acquire an image, totalling 1 minute for image acquisition, while our Clio with DI integration keeps your same workflow, needs no additional steps, and totals just 15 seconds for image acquisition, a significant time difference for a busy office.

Save Money

Replacement sensors from other brands can cost thousands more than the Clio without any real benefits. Also, avoid hidden fees that inferior 3rd party bridging software might include, which can total up to thousands of dollars to unlock 3rd party integration into your existing software.

Better Images

TWAIN or other 3rd party bridges degrade image quality by restricting the processing capability in your software. On the other hand, Clio DI Technology allows our sensors to act just as your current sensor, with no change in workflow or dropoff in image quality.

Get in Touch with your Software Side

The intuitive SOTA Image was built for the modern day dentist. Seamlessly sync your digital imaging exams with your practice management patient chart or appointment book. Use our ground-breaking editing features optimized for touchscreen usability, for the ultimate doctor to patient communication experience.

Visualizing Success with Dr. Han

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5-year Warranty

For 2 years, SOTA will repair or exchange parts or equipment due to manufacturer defect free of charge. As a complimentary service, with every Clio Digital X-ray Sensor purchase, sensors that do not fall under the 2-year warranty will receive significant discounts for five years.

Free 60-day SotaCare

From date of purchase, you will receive free unlimited tech support via phone, internet or video conference, free software upgrades, loaner sensors during any repair and free shipping, regardless of number of sensors.

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