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  • "I get 20 to 30 referrals every month just from patients telling others about how I use the software."

    - Dr. Tran Han, Altadena, California

For the Doctor

The concept of SOTA Image Software was to design the perfect workflow from a clinician’s standpoint, upholding time-efficiency and true diagnostics at its core. Up until now many of the dental imaging software was written on pre-existing archaic framework templates which made for poor design and usability. SOTA Image Software was built from the ground up, utilizing the latest technology and tested by and for doctors to increase efficiency throughout the practice, minimize staff training, and produce accurate results with image data. Now your practice can focus on improving dentistry and patient care without exhausting time and energy towards becoming a software technician.

For the Patient

Patient engagement is crucial to patient satisfaction and case acceptance. The simple idea of holding a tablet, reviewing intraoral camera images or x-rays together, circling cavities and other caries while communicating with your patient is a simple – and often neglected – interaction that can produce extraordinary results. Today in our digital world, patients who are highly familiar using software and apps on their smartphones and tablets find this interaction truly engaging, resulting in increased patient case acceptances and, most importantly, feeling they are getting the best, most up-to-date care from their dental clinician.

Advanced Syncing with Your Practice Management

Our AutoBridge is a unique bridging application that allows users to pass on data information from their existing practice management software to SOTA Image. Other, standard bridge applications limit the user to pass through only very basic patient information (i.e. Name, DOB, Patient ID). With our SOTA Image AutoBridge, users can immediately view all of the image exams while still viewing the patient chart or appointment book all at once. View integration specifications.

One-Click Perfect Images

Optimize the full potential of your imaging equipment with our SOTA POP Auto Image Processing (AIP) Technology. With one click of a button, SOTA POP adjusts brightness, contrast, sharpness, and detail enhancement for perfect images every time. Fully customizable and tailored to your specific preference, SOTA POP saves time and increases efficiency. X-Ray only.

Fully Customizable

Make SOTA Image yours with our many customizable features. Add your own wallpaper and office signature. Use our default image capture layouts or make your own. Create any style templates that fit any practice. Mix intraoral camera images, digital x-rays, pan/ceph, scanner devices, and twain devices all in one layout view.

Tools Galore

SOTA Image is built on a state of the art .NET programming framework designed to smoothly and efficiently operate digital imaging software with advanced industry defining algorithms and high-level processing without unresponsive crashes or bugs. We have developed the most efficient touch screen software for intuitive navigation and smart editing capabilities. Dental practices are always working around the clock, so blazing fast applications are critical for maximum efficiency. Caries detection, image history, compare and contrast, easy email export and so much more!

Colorize Image

Invert Image

Sharpen Image

Easy Export & Email

Measure Tool

Annotate on Images

Other Tools


  • Caries Spotlight

  • Brightness/Contrast

  • Image History

  • Compare & Contrast

  • and much more!

Visualizing Success with Dr. Han

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